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Buying weed (cannabis) online:
Buying things online is getting more and more popular and it also includes prohibited/grey are items so to answer the question whether it is possible to buy weed online– the short answer is yes.
Although it is possible to buy weed online through dark web and using cryptocurrency there are several Clearnet web-sites advertising themselves as either THC or CBD cannabis shops. Though many of them most likely will be scam.
So, what to look for when buying cannabis online? First of all, the first red flag should be raised when the site offers 10+ different cannabis strains – normally it is not possible from both sourcing and stock prospective (imagine storing 10kg of cannabis to sell online).
Secondly, try to check on quantities and prices it is sold for. If minimum order is 100+ EUR/GBP and there is no way to purchase a test sample – it will most likely be scam. Hence this short guide should put you on the right way to buy weed online.

buy weed online uk

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